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Where Can You Find A Holiday Girlfriend In Phuket?

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Spend your holidays in Phuket with a cute, friendly, and naughty Thai girl.

Party Phuket helps you find the perfect travel companion for your stay in Phuket and beyond.

Whether you’re staying for a few days or a few weeks, we’ll find your dream girl to make your time in Phuket absolutely unforgettable.

What Is A Holiday Girlfriend?

cute Thai girl in Phuket Thailand

A holiday girlfriend is a girl you hire to be your girlfriend during your holidays.

It’s often a local girl, most of the time a student or a bar girl, sometimes even a regular girl with a day job, who takes a few days or weeks off to travel with you.

That’s something very popular in Asia, especially in Thailand.

The best place to find this type of girl is in Bangkok.

There are a lot of good places in the capital of the Kingdom to meet and rent a Thai holiday girlfriend, like gentlemen’s clubs.

The place we always recommend to our guests is The PIMP Bangkok.

In Bangkok, you have a lot more choices, and the girls are more open to this kind of deal.

You can always find a hot Thai babe in Bangkok and take her to Phuket.

Now in Phuket, you’ll find local girlfriends for rent too.

With so many foreigners coming to travel or party on the island all the time, it’s not rare to meet girls who will be open to the idea.

How Much Does It Cost?

beautiful Thai girlfriend smiling and throwing her hand at the camera

While you can hire bar girls to be your Thai girlfriend for a couple of thousand Thai baht per day, high-end models can cost tens of thousands of Thai baht per day.

The price varies depending on the arrangement you find.

How long she will stay with you if you pay for all her other expenses, how intimate do you want to be with her, and what other details do you want to include in the deal?

The most important is to always remember 3 rules:

  • Always negotiate the rate in advance
  • Always pay cash
  • Always pay as you go, don’t give the whole amount upfront

If you do that, you should be fine.

Why Have A Holiday Girlfriend In Phuket?

Thai holiday girlfriend grabbing the hand of her boyfriend

Going after girls in clubs and bars can be fun, but also a lot of work.

And it can get time-consuming and expensive too.

Just imagine having to go out every single to meet a different girl, that’s a lot.

With a holiday girlfriend, you have someone you can connect with during your trip, someone to translate for you when needed, and also a female guide who can show you around Phuket.

You can also enjoy a deeper connection and intimacy than with a one-night stand.

And you get to spoil a beautiful Thai girl.

It doesn’t get better than that.

Where To Find A Holiday Girlfriend In Phuket?

cute Thai female tour guide with sexy dress and Channel bag

There are plenty of places where you can find a holiday girlfriend in Phuket.

Some are more obvious than others.

Bars, Nightclubs and Beach Clubs

Sexy Thai model posing for photo at a Nightclub.

With so many places to party on the island, it’s not hard to meet girls in Phuket.

But the competition is tough for men out there, and you’ll have to compete with a ton of other guys for the most beautiful women there.

Then once you manage to get their attention, you need to talk them into being your holiday girlfriend and agree on the price.

That’s no easy task.

The bars and clubs all around Phuket are filled with girls who could be open to such a deal.

But Bangla Road is where you’ll find the most opportunities.

For more elegant girls with more class, head to Phuket’s most luxurious beach clubs.

The girls there know how to be around money and are great to hang out with.

And they look damn good in bikini so it’s going to be a pleasure to explore the different beaches with them.

Gogo Bars And Strip Clubs

Hot and sexy Thai girls at Pink Paradise Gogo Bar in Phuket.

You know who’s used to leave their job for a few weeks because a nice guy invited them on an all-expense paid holiday?

Bar girls!

Pay a visit to the best gogo bars and strip clubs in Phuket, buy a drink to the girl you like, and offer her a deal she can’t refuse.

Life is that easy sometimes.

But be careful with bar girls, some can be crazy, cause a lot of drama, or just disappear.

Be cautious.

Private Parties

Two cute Thai girl eating on a yacht during a private party near Phuket.

Organize a private party with us and we’ll bring all the hottest Thai models from Phuket and Bangkok to you.

All our models are beautiful, fun, and charming, and would be more than happy to be your girlfriend during your stay.

Party with them, get to know each one individually, and tell us the one you like the most so we can arrange all the details for you.

Dating Apps

Datings for “arrangements” like Seeking are perfect for finding Thai or even Asian travel companions.

The app is filled with beautiful Thai girls looking for wealthy men who will spoil them.

Create a profile, add an attractive description, and always be honest about what you’re expecting from “the arrangement”.

Make it clear that you’re looking for someone to travel with you, and what level of intimacy you’re expecting.

For cheaper girls, try casual dating apps like ThaiFriendly.

You can easily find students or girls with a low-paying job on the app who will be easily impressed.

Hire A Holiday Girlfriend With Us

Thai bikini girlfriend in black bikini

We can also handle everything and find your dream Thai holiday girlfriend for you.

Send us your travel details, budget, and requirements and we’ll find the perfect holiday companion.

But please note that we only cater to VIP clients and work with the most exclusive Thai models you won’t find anywhere else.

We don’t work with escort websites or bar girls, we only have the best girls.

Plus, we literally do all the work for you.

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How much is a holiday girlfriend in Phuket?

A holiday girlfriend with Party Phuket is between 25,000, and 80,000 THB per day.

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