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The Best Places To Go Out In Bangla Road

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For those who love to party, Bangla Road in the Patong district of Phuket is a must-visit. 

Full of “Oh My Gosh moments”, this vibrant nightlife street is full of all types of adult entertainment, from gogo bars and beer bars to live music venues and world-class nightclubs.

We’ve been up and down Bangla Road many times, so we know a thing or two about this place. 

Let us show you around.


Bangla Road has some of the best clubs in not just Phuket or Thailand, but in the entire world.

Whether you are into a specific type of music, appreciate epic light displays, or simply want to have a VIP experience with mates and hot girls around you, there is a club here just for you.

Here are some of the best clubs in Bangla:


Beautiful waitresses with bottles for a vip table at Illuzion Club Phuket.

Illuzion is an award-winning, world-class nightclub.

It is listed as #13 on DJMag’s Top 100 Clubs, which says a lot about how good it is.

The club is a masterpiece in all aspects of production, music, atmosphere, and VIP experiences.

Sugar Club

Sexy dancers and singer performing at the Sugar Club Phuket.

Sugar Club is the best hip-hop club in Phuket and one of the top places to party in Bangla.

Apart from great hip-hop music played by famous international DJs, Sugar is also known for its stylish design and luxurious VIP booths.  


Awesome place to party with mezzanine at Armania Phuket.

For those looking for a truly upscale clubbing experience in a Renaissance-themed venue, Armania is a no-brainer.

The design of this club is super glamorous and sophisticated so it feels like you are partying inside a royal palace or a luxurious mansion.

Also, Armania doesn’t just do VIP.

They take it one step further by offering exclusive VVIP tables with super comfortable sofas and celebrity-level treatment.


People enjoying a show at Barfunk Phuket.

Barfunk is both a bar and a club.

It is open as early as 10 AM so you can chill here to watch sports or have a couple of happy hour drinks with low-tempo house music.

At night, this place transforms into one of the most hyped and energetic spots on Bangla Road.

They have an incredible array of live entertainment including DJs, saxophonists, violinists, dancers, and even trapeze performers.

White Room Nightclub Phuket

Beautiful interior of White Room nightclub in Phuket.

White Room is a trendy nightclub known for its chic décor and classy design.

The club plays hip-hop, afro beats, and Latin music.

They focus on good music, fun vibes, and exciting themed nights.

Hollywood Phuket

A group of people smiling for photo at Hollywood Phuket.

Hollywood Phuket is a one-stop nightclub that caters to all kinds of party styles.

It has a sophisticated vibe but not in a pretentious way.

You can choose to sit in VIP zones with super comfortable sofas, by the bar on stools, or shake your body all night on the dance floor.

Gogo Bars

There are dozens of gogo bars and a few strip clubs on Bangla Road, each of them filled with sexy ladies on stage shaking their gorgeous bodies right in front of your face.

While there are plenty to choose from, these are the ones you should spend your time and money on:

Suzy Wong’s

Amazing Thai girls with hot lingerie at Suzy Wongs gogo bar in Phuket.

Suzy Wong’s is not just one of the best gogo bars in Phuket, it is also an iconic venue.

They have some of the hottest girls here but what really stands out about Suzy Wong’s is the legendary “Ass Smacking”.

It’s where you get to spank or be spanked by one of the ladies.

It’s also one of the most beautifully designed gogo bars you will ever see with its bright red, Chinese-inspired theme.

Harem Lounge

A group of sexy Thai girl with pink dress at a vip table in the Harem Strip Club Phuket.

Harem Lounge is an upscale gogo bar that transforms into a luxurious club.

The venue is known to have the prettiest girls in town.

Since it is connected to Suzy Wong’s 3, at midnight, the wall that separates the two venues pulls apart to become one massive adult playground.

Suzy Wong’s 3

Hot group of waitresses at a vip table with sparklers and bottles at Suzy Wongs 3 in Phuket.

Suzy Wong’s 3 is a super posh and exclusive gogo bar with a very sophisticated ambiance.

It is superbly designed with its stylish Chinese-style décor.

They also have an amazing sound and lighting system, which creates an impressive party experience.

And of course, the gogo girls here are incredibly attractive and friendly as well.

Moulin Rouge Phuket

Beautiful girl with a sign to promote Moulin Rouge Strip Club in Phuket.

Moulin Rouge is one of the few European gogo bars in Phuket.

Located close to the beach end of Bangla Road, Moulin Rouge is a popular hotspot for those who want to see insanely gorgeous East European and Russian girls.

The girls here really know how to give a good show and possess an incredible talent for dancing, strip teasing, and erotic performances.

Live Music Bars

Bangla Road has some of the best live music bars in all of Phuket.

And they keep surprising us with better bands, sound systems, and overall entertainment.

New York Live Music Bar

View of the front of New York Live Music Bar in Phuket.

The New York is rated as one of the best live music bars not just on Bangla Road but also in all of Phuket. 

It is a popular venue that is known for hosting awesome bands who play a range of music genres such as rock, soul, R&B, and cover music.

You can even request songs. 

The bar has a fantastic vibe and it is great for drinking and chilling with your friends.

Red Hot

A music group playing live music at Red Hot Bar in Phuket.

Red Hot is another great live music bar located at the corner of Bangla Road.

The bands here mostly play rock music and are super entertaining.

Sports Bars

They might as well rename Bangla Road the Bar Road as countless bars have come and gone here.

There are all kinds of bars on both sides of the main road and in the little alleys (sois) of Bangla.

If you are interested in hitting up one of the more popular and iconic bars on the street, check out these venues:

Aussie Bar Phuket

Cool interior with some people at Aussie Bar in Phuket.

The Aussie Bar is an iconic sports bar located at the beach end of Bangla Road.

It is known for its live sports, pool tables, cold beers, and delicious Australian food.

Tiger Nightclub

A girl make tiger in front of DJ and a tiger statue at Tiger Nightclub Phuket.

Tiger Nightclub is not really a club.

Well, it used to have a club on the 2nd floor but now there is only the 1st floor that has been converted into a big complex with many bars.

It has live music, happy hour drinks, and a whole lot of adult entertainment.

Sunset Bar

Exterior view of Sunset Bar in Phuket.

Sunset Bar is a great place to have some drinks and people-watch.

The staff here is friendly and it has a super chilled atmosphere.

Rooftop Bars

Beautiful aerial view of a rooftop bar in Phuket.

There are a couple of fantastic rooftop bars in and around Bangla Road.

They are a nice option if you want to get away from the chaos of the street.

You get to be above and away from all the action but also near enough to not feel completely isolated.

Skylight rooftop and lounge is the most luxurious rooftop venue in Bangla and it is always packed with the hottest people and the coolest DJs.

The Crystal Club also has a cozy second-floor seating area which gives a nice view of the street below.

Ladyboys In Bangla Road

ladyboys in sexy lingerie full of glitters at Simon Cabaret ladyboys show in Phuket

Unlike Walking Street in Pattaya, or Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, Bangla doesn’t have ladyboy bars.

But there are ladyboys hookers in Bangla Road, who will offer you their services as you walk down the road.

You can also find a couple of ladyboys hanging out in beer bars like at Tiger nightclubs, or in the Sois around Bangla Road (Soi Freedom and Seadragon).

Last but not least, if you want to see ladyboy shows, head to Simon Cabaret.

It’s the most popular place for ladyboy shows in Phuket and only a short 8-minute ride from Bangla Road.

Now if you want to avoid ladyboys or you’re scared of being tricked, then read this post by Bangkok Nightlife.

They list all the tips to spot ladyboys in Thailand.

The Streets

While Bangla Road is enough to overwhelm you, there are also a couple of streets or sois that spill out from the main strip.

These streets or alleys have their charm and vibes that you may not want to miss.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the streets off Bangla Road.

Soi Seadragon

View of Soi Seadragon street with some people.

Soi Seadragon is a lively alley close to the beach end of Bangla Road.

The soi is packed with gogo bars and beer bars where you can drink and chat (or more) with the bar girls.1

Popular bars in the soi include Suzy Wong’s, Harem Club, and Suzy Wong’s 3.

From here you also have access to street shopping vendors and even hotels such as The Kee Resort.

Soi Freedom

A group of Thai people enjoying party at Soi Freedom in Phuket.

Soi Freedom is a vibrant little soi just parallel to Soi Seadragon.

It is lined with one bar after another with incredibly cheap drinks and happy hours.

Every bar here looks pretty much the same with bright neon lights, LED TVs, pool tables, and a bunch of beautiful Thai ladies trying to get your attention.

Soi Gonzo

View of Soi Gonzo street at night in Phuket.

It is easy to miss Soi Gonzo as it has an unassuming entrance but don’t be fooled, there is a lot to discover inside.

Take the entrance right between Aussie bar and you will see a small complex filled with all sorts of small bars and entertainment venues including the White Room Nightclub.

As we said earlier, Bangla Road can be quite overwhelming.

It’s not that big but there is a lot going on.

But, what if we can help you navigate the complexities and chaos?

Get in touch with us at Party Phuket to book activities or private parties on Bangla Road or anywhere else in Phuket.

We can also arrange a sexy private guide to show you around.

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What is the famous party road in Phuket?

The famous party road in Phuket is known as Bangla Road or Bangla Walking Street.

What is Bangla Road Phuket famous for?

Bangla Road is famous for its lively nightlife and wide range of entertainment scenes.

Are there ping pong shows on Bangla Road?

Yes, there are ping pong shows on Bangla Road.

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