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5 Best Gogo Bars In Phuket

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Phuket is home to some of the wildest gogo bars in all of Thailand.

Filled with gorgeous Thai girls dancing in sexy outfits who love putting on erotic shows, Phuket’s gogo bars are a great way to spice up your nightlife on the island.

But, just like anywhere, while some gogo bars in Phuket are fantastic, others might not meet your expectations.

That’s why we are here – to guide you to the best gogo bars in Phuket worth your time and money. 

Suzy Wong’s A Go-Go

Amazing Thai girls with hot lingerie at Suzy Wongs gogo bar in Phuket.

Suzy Wong is one of the most famous gogo bars in Phuket and has a lot of great reviews to prove it (over 4.2 stars and 500 reviews on Google).

Located at the end of Soi Seadragon on Bangla Road, Suzy Wong is the perfect place to start or end a night out in Phuket.

The bar design is like no other.

Its bright red neon lights and Chinese-inspired décor are enough to make you step inside.

They also have super-hot girls who love to dance on stage or keep you company.

Apart from an amazing entertainment atmosphere and exciting erotic shows, Suzy Wong is also known for their legendary “Ass Smacking”.

Grab a paddle and start smacking some sexy booties.

Or if you prefer, get yours smacked instead.

Suzy Wong’s 2

Super hot girls in lingerie dancing at Devils Playground in Phuket.

Nicknamed the Devil’s Playground, Suzy Wong’s 2 is another branch of Suzy Wong’s that is also located on Bangla Road.

It is considered the naughtiest gogo bar in Patong.

Suzy Wong’s 2 looks like the home of the devil himself with its fiery red lights and dark design.

And of course, no devil is without its hot devil girls and sexy demons who will seduce you all night.

Another thing that makes Suzy Wong’s 2 quite popular is its affordable prices.

Entrance is free, drinks are cheap and you won’t be overcharged or scammed here.

It’s all about having fun and partying.

Suzy Wong’s 3

Hot group of waitresses at a vip table with sparklers and bottles at Suzy Wongs 3 in Phuket.

Suzy Wong’s 3 is also located in Soi Seadragon on Bangla Road.

It is an exclusive, more elegant gogo bar with a lounge and club atmosphere.

Much more like a strip club.

The bar has some of the most beautiful girls in Phuket and they are as sexy as they are friendly.

Unlike some sleazy gogo bars, Suzy Wong’s 3 is a great place for couples as well.  

The design of the bar is incredibly sophisticated with its iconic Chinese-influence décor and gorgeous ornaments.

Another amazing highlight here is that at midnight, the wall that separates the bar and next-door Harlem club opens up so that you can enjoy both venues.

It’s double the fun!

Pink Paradise Phuket

Three sexy Thai girls with hot pink outfit at Pink Paradise in Phuket.

If you are looking for friendly and playful young girls in Phuket, Pink Paradise is the best gogo bar to go to.

This literal adult pink paradise is located on Bangla Road.

It has a wonderful atmosphere thanks to dozens of beautiful girls who have fantastic energy and amazing vibes.

They are incredibly good dancers too.

The Pink Paradise girls are great dancers who know how to show off their moves.

The girls also change their uniforms depending on the season or holidays. 

Sometimes they dress as schoolgirls while other times as naughty nurses or sexy Santa.

You are always in for a surprise when you enter Pink Paradise.

Bullet Hole Bar & AGogo

Two hot girls for a photo at Bullet Hole Bar & A gogo in Phuket.

Bullet Hole Bar is a truly unique gogo bar on Bangla Road in Patong.

This gogo bar is one of a kind with its Wild West theme and sexy ladies in provocative outfits.

Once you step in, you will feel like you are transported into a saloon from the Old West.

Even the girls dress up to fit the theme and put on some exciting dance or strip shows to keep you entertained all night.

While most gogo bars play Thai music, EDM, or hip hop, Bullet Hole is one of the few places that play rock and roll.

Book A Private Villa Party With Party Phuket

Sexy Thai model in a white dress posing for photos in Phuket.

How about a party somewhere more private and exclusive than those gogo bars?

A place where you can still have a lot of fun and be surrounded by hot girls?

The best way to do that is to book your very own luxury villa with a private pool.

You can even hire or invite hot Thai models and sexy ladies who will put on erotic shows for your eyes only in the comfort of your luxury holiday home.

Pool villas aren’t just great for after parties, they are literally THE place to party all day and night long. 

You can enjoy complete privacy and have the evening organized just the way you like it with the right people, music, booze, and everything else down to the T.

Contact us now at Party Phuket to make that dream a reality.

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Hot and sexy Thai girls at Pink Paradise Gogo Bar in Phuket.


What is a gogo bar in Phuket?

A gogo bar is a bar with gogo dancers. You can find plenty of them in red-light districts in Phuket and around Thailand.

What happens in gogo bars in Phuket?

People go to gogo bars to watch girls dance on stage and invite the ones they like to share a drink with them. And more if they like each other.

What are the opening hours of gogo bars in Phuket?

The opening hours for most gogo bars in Phuket are from 8 PM to 2 AM.

What is the price of a gogo bar in Phuket?

The price of a gogo bar in Phuket is between 150 and 300 THB for regular drinks and ladies drinks.

What is a bar fine in a gogo bar in Phuket? How Much Does It Cost?

The bar fine in gogo bars is a fee you pay the bar (between 500 and 3,000 THB depending on the bar and the bar) so the girl you like can leave the bar for a few hours, or for the night.

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Phuket nightlife is so much more than gogo bars.

With nightclubs and beach clubs all around the islands, you have countless options when it comes to partying.

We have listed for you the best party spots on the island.

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