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Phuket Vs Pattaya: Which One Is Best?

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A lot of our guests ask us whether they should visit Phuket or Pattaya when they come to Thailand.

Truth is, both places are incredible destinations for different reasons.

Let us tell you more about each city to help you choose the best place to go for your next trip.

Regardless of the option you choose, our team is available to help you plan your event or vacation in both places.

Talk to us now.

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dj playing at Catch Beach Club surrounded by two blond dancers

Both cities have an amazing and very active nightlife with lots of places to party.

But they have important differences too.

Pattaya nightlife is centered around one place (Walking Street) so it’s very convenient to go out there.

Ask a driver to drop you at the entrance of the street, walk from one bar to another, have a drink in every club, and decide what vibe suits you.

There’s also a large variety of options.

In the city center and in and around Walking Street, you’ll find girly bars, gogo bars, rooftop bars, nightclubs, live music bars, beer bars, and more.

And if you don’t find what you like, you’re only a 2-hour drive from Bangkok and its incredible nightlife.

Phuket’s nightlife is also very active.

First, you can’t ignore the island’s world-class nightclubs.

Next to the high-end clubs and bars, you still have girly bars and a few gogo bars, but that’s nothing compared to what you get in Pattaya.

And because Phuket is a more international destination and people have more money there, they have way more international artists performing in clubs like Illuzion or at beach clubs like Yona.

The good thing with Phuket is that whether you want to party inside or outside, during the day or at night, there are a ton of mindblowing places available.


Thai girls in white bikini at Cafe Del Mar beach club in Phuket Thailand

When it comes to girls, which city is better?

In general, Pattaya is better for girls.

There are a lot more girls in Pattaya and more places to meet girls.

They’re also more approachable.

Nonetheless, it’s true that for private parties in Pattaya, it can be hard to find party models.

But in that case, you have agencies like Party Bangkok that can bring the hottest girls from Bangkok to your event in Pattaya.

As for Phuket, it has a solid selection of girls and incredible bikini models.

But you also have a lot of hookers, both Thai and Russian or Eastern European.

So trade lightly on dating apps and in the clubs, because most of the girls you’ll meet there are after your money.

Now if you want to impress your friends with the most beautiful Thai girls you can find, they are in Bangkok.

We can bring them to Phuket, but that’s gonna cost extra for the flight and the time it takes.


Cute female tour guide taking picture on the beach near Phuket.

You have 2 main beaches in Pattaya, Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach.

Both are nice, but we’re far from the postcard beaches with white sand and clear blue water.

If that’s what you’re after, Phuket is the place to visit.

Phuket has beaches among the best in Thailand all around the islands and there are even more on the islands around Phuket.

From Kamala to Rawai, Patong, and many more they are not only beautiful, but perfect to either party, relax, or go snorkeling.

Phuket wins the contest of the most beautiful beaches, over Pattaya, and also over every destination in Thailand.


Aerial view of a luxury yacht for cruise near Phuket.

Pattaya is the most accessible place to go yachting in Thailand.

You’ll find a lot of different types of boats there, from small fishing boats to large luxury catamarans.

And the price is cheaper than in every other destination in Thailand.

But Pattaya simply doesn’t have as many yachts, especially as many luxury yachts as Phuket.

Phuket is the yachting hub of the region.

It’s also home to a lot of the most luxurious yachts in the world.

Whether you’re looking to organize a private yacht party or to go island hopping in the region, Phuket is the place to go yachting in style.

Luxury Villas

pool view of a modern white beachfront pool villa in Phuket

For this one, there is no contest.

When it comes to luxury villas, Pattaya is very limited.

Most luxury villas in Pattaya are either small, old, or far from the city center.

You’re quickly limited by the options.

In Phuket, you can find luxury villas everywhere around the island.

The possibilities are nearly endless.

You have large beach villas with private access to the ocean.

Beautiful luxury pool villas in Patong to organize countless private pool parties with the most beautiful Thai girls, while being only a few minutes away from the best nightclubs on the island.

Or you can choose a luxury villa on the cliff with ocean views and a super 

And the amenities are unparalleled.

The best luxury villas in Phuket come with entertainment rooms, private gyms, and cinema rooms, and so much more.

Most of them are also staffed, with a villa manager, a private chef, maids, and masseuses.

Something you can hardly find in Pattaya.


gorgeous interior of a luxury villa in Phuket Thailand

What is the most affordable place between Pattaya and Phuket?

Pattaya is roughly half the price of Phuket overall, whether it’s for pool villas, yacht rentals, or even VIP tables at nightclubs.

It’s a destination that is relatively more affordable.

The downside is there a not as many luxury options available compared to Phuket or Koh Samui.

Phuket is more expensive but has also the most luxurious and unique options you can find on any island in the world.

Whether it’s beach clubs, nightclubs, luxury villas, yachts, or entertainment, Phuket has world-class options in every category.

Note that there is a strong difference in prices between the high season (November through April) and the low season (May to October).

Things To Do

drone view of Yona floating beach club near Patong beach in Phuket Thailand

What about activities and things to do in both cities?

Pattaya offers a lot of activities, whether it’s outdoor or indoor.

You can go skydiving, go-karting, firing at a shooting range, or jumping on a yacht and go island hopping in the Gulf of Thailand.

Pattaya is also a solid destination for golfing with over 20 golf courses in the region.

In terms of activities, Phuket is as good as Pattaya, just a bit more expensive.

But when it comes to tours and places to explore around the city, especially island tours and cruising around, Phuket is unmatched.

The Andaman Sea is an incredible playground with beautiful scenery and landscapes.

The only downside is that Phuket is big, and it can take time to go from one place to another.

So if you plan to do a lot while you’re there, arrange a minivan or get a yacht to travel around the island.


group of friends chilling on a yacht in Phuket Thailand
NightlifePattaya wins. It has more options at different price points.
GirlsPattaya has more girls, and hotter girls.
BeachesPhuket wins. You can’t beat the beauty of the island.
YachtingPhuket wins. The island is where the most luxurious yachts are.
VillasPhuket wins. It offers more and better options. Especially when it comes to luxury villas.
PricePattaya wins. It’s very budget-friendly, where Phuket gets really expensive really fast.
Things To DoPhuket wins. There is so much do to on the island, whether it’s on the land, on the sea, inside or outside. And more.
Our PickPhuket.

Overall, Pattaya is a great place to visit, more affordable, and incredible to party.

With clubs closing early in the morning, thousands of girls, and cheap pool villas, it’s a solid option for a bachelor party, a birthday bash, or even a company outing.

Pattaya leans towards a crowd that fancies strip clubs, loud music, and cheap bars.

It’s a good budget destination with a lot to offer and easily accessible from Bangkok.

It is also easier to get around Pattaya than drive around a big island like Phuket with terrible traffic.

But Phuket is the place to go for those who are looking for the best of the best in every category!

Whether it’s restaurants, clubs, villas, or yachts.

It’s a better destination for luxury travelers while being one of the top places to party in the world, both indoors and outdoors with international artists performing there all year round.

Phuket is also friendlier to families and older travelers.

Best Time To Visit

ocean view from a private pool villa in Phuket Thailand

What is the best destination to visit?

The dry season and best time to visit Pattaya is between December to March.

Pattaya is good all year long, but if you want to go yachting and spend time on the beach, you want to avoid the peak of the rainy season between August and November.

The best time to visit Phuket is between November and April when the weather is hot and dry.

Phuket is also a destination you can visit all year long, but there is a lot of rain in September and October.

Book A Private Tour To Phuket

Thai girl in a white swimsuit on a yacht in Phuket Thailand during a vVIP tour

If you want to discover the best spots and the secrets of Phuket, contact us.

We’ll arrange your holidays, events, and parties all year round.

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Or Explore Pattaya

We can also help you organize your party, event, or trip to Pattaya.

Explore all the options we have to party in Pattaya with Party Bangkok.


Which city is better for a bachelor party? Phuket or Pattaya?

Pattaya is better for a bachelor party because it has more clubs and gogo bars.
It’s also cheaper.
But if you want luxury villas, world-class beach clubs, and luxurious yachts for a wild boat party, then Phuket is the best option.

How far is Phuket from Pattaya?

The distance between Phuket and Pattaya is 623 km by road and the drive takes between 13 and 15 hours.
But by flight, Phuket is less than 2 hours away from Pattaya.

How to get from Phuket to Pattaya?

The best way to get from Phuket to Pattaya is by flight.
You can also fly from Phuket to Bangkok and then get a private taxi or a limousine from the airport in Bangkok to Pattaya.

Let Us Prepare Your Trip To Thailand

Super sexy Thai girl enjoying their day at Yona beach club near Phuket.

Let us help you save time and money and organize the best trip and event in Thailand.

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