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Yona Beach Club: Phuket Most Unique Beach Club

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Get ready to get aboard Yona, the world’s first floating beach club.

This isn’t your average beach club nor is it just another fancy yacht party.

Yona is the ultimate floating paradise where it is about good vibes, a cool crowd, beautiful views, and great music.

Read on to find out what else makes this latest addition to Phuket’s beach club scene one of the most popular hotspots.

What You Need To Know

drone view of Yona floating beach club near Patong beach in Phuket Thailand

The first thing that will strike you about Yona is its unique design and style.

It’s a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship that looks gorgeous from every single angle.

The best feature of this 1,200 square meter, multi-level yacht has to be the gorgeous aqua-colored infinity pool.

Surrounding the pool are several sun loungers, cabanas, and palm trees.

This gives a feeling that you are on a tropical oasis in the middle of the ocean.

Yona also has a DJ station, a bar, a sunset terrace, and a restaurant.

The beach club offers various seating options across its 3 levels.

Each section is designed in such a way that you can experience a unique atmosphere but at the same time still be part of the overall entertaining vibe of the venue.

No matter if you are sitting by the DJ, lounging on a cabana with an incredible view of the sea, or have a pool bed right next to the pool, you are always part of the party.

Regarding the opening hours, keep in mind that for the moment, Yona is only open until 8 PM.

But they have plans to open until midnight in the coming weeks.

What Music Do They Play?

DJ playing an amazing set at Yona Beach Club near Phuket.

Yona mostly plays electronic music ranging from house and techno to disco and popular dance tracks.

Sometimes the DJs throw in a bit of Afro and Latin beats to the mix as well.

They also host events (that quickly sell out) featuring famous guest DJs from around the world. 

In January 2024, they held the famous Odyssey Festival which invited electronic music artists Fake Mood and Alexey Izotov.

Yona also collaborated with Afrodise, a successful record label with guest DJs Aaron Sevilla, Juany Bravo, and Callum.

They often have special events and shows for every major event like Chinese New Year, Songkran (the Thai New Year), Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and more.

Follow them on social media to see the announcements.

Who Goes There?

Perfomer doing an amazing show at Yona Beach Club near Phuket.

The crowd at Yona is predominantly young Western tourists and expats but Thais and Asian tourists do do go there too.

The best of the best and most attractive people can be seen at Yona.

You are sure to come across some of the hottest girls and coolest guys here.

Do They Serve Food?

The food at Yona Beach Club is a wonderful fusion of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines featuring fresh raw seafood and main dishes using seasonal ingredients and flavors.

Their menu is not only incredibly delicious but each dish is carefully created and plated to look phenomenal on photos.

If you want to have lunch or dinner away from the party scene, Yona also has a restaurant.

We’ll tell you more about it below.

How To Get There?

To get to Yona, you can check in at the Patong Boat Pier.

From there, a shuttle boat will take you on board.

You can also come there on your own but anchoring near Yona is not allowed (their shuttle will move you between boats to transfer you from your boat to the beach club).

Yona Restaurant

Yona is known as a beach club, but you’ll also find a very good fine dining restaurant on their floating platform.

Yona floating restaurant in Phuket

It is open for lunch and dinner, and like for the beach club, it will cost you 1,500 THB per person only to access it.

That being said, it’s an incredible setup to eat, and probably the most unique restaurant you’ll find in Phuket.

The restaurant at Yona offers Mediterranean cuisine and seafood, as well as delicious cocktails and an extensive selection of wine.

Go give it a try.

Prices And Bookings

Beautiful VIP table with some bottles at Yona Beach Club.

Yona has a single entry day pass at 3,000 THB but with no guaranteed seating.

This includes 1,500 THB credit for food and beverage, a welcome drink, pool access, and a towel for the day.

They also offer a variety of packages at different price points:

  • Pool sofa on the sunset terrace: 8,000 THB for 2 pax
  • Cabana on the sunset terrace: 16,000 THB for 4 guest entries
  • Balcony sofa on the sunset terrace: 24,000 THB for 6 guest entries

If you want to lounge or party at the beach club, the cost of seating options are:

  • Sea bed: 12,000 THB for 3 guest entries
  • Pool bed: 13,500 THB for 3 guest entries
  • Small cabana: 16,000 THB for 4 guest entries
  • Medium cabana: 24,000 THB for 6 guest entries
  • Maxi cabana: 32,000 THB for 8 guest entries

Here is the floor plan.

This comes up to about 3,000 and 4,000 THB per person, which is kind of on the higher end of how much beach clubs cost in Phuket.

The prices for bottles start at only 1,650 THB for some wines and go as high as 105,000 THB for the most expensive bottle of champagne (it’s 9 liters!).

But you are paying for a truly unique experience.

After all, Yona is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

Daybeds, cabanas, and sofas can be booked on their website or if you even want to host a private event on Yona, you can contact us.

Yona has a total capacity of 500 people so advanced booking is highly recommended if you want any chance to get a table or cabana.

Walk-ins are allowed but a spot on the floating beach club is not guaranteed.

If you want to book the best VIP table at Yona Beach Club with the best VIP services, contact us.

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Important: Yona is by far the most popular beach club in Phuket right now and is fully booked weeks in advance.

Please only contact us for booking in at least 2 weeks or more.

About Yona Beach Club

Amazing view of Yona Beach Club with Phuket behind.

Yona is a 1,200 sqm, multilevel yacht that has been converted into a beach club. 

It is the brainchild of a French businessman who spent over 6 years building it with his dedicated team.

He named the beach club after his daughter.

To find out more about Yona Beach Club’s latest updates, promos, and events, follow them on Facebook and Instagram, or check out their website.

  • Cover charge: 3,000 THB for a day pass
  • Bottle price: Start from 1,750 THB for red or white wine and liquor bottles start from 4,200 THB
  • Music: House, Disco, Pop
  • Crowd: Mostly foreigners (expats/tourists) and wealthy Thais
  • Opening hours: Every day from 12 PM to 8 PM
  • FacebookInstagramTikTok


What is the price of a day at Yona Beach Club Phuket?

The price of a day at Yona Beach Club Phuket is between 3,000 THB and 4,000 THB per person.

What is the dress code for Yona Beach Club?

The dress code at Yona Beach Club is smart casual.

Can you arrange a boat to go to Yona?

Yes, we can arrange a yacht to take you to Yona and have it wait for you while you’re there. So you can do the after-party on your yacht after Yona close.

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