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7 Best Places To Meet Girls In Phuket

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Phuket has some of the hottest girls you’ll ever meet.

From bar girls in gogo bars in Bangla Road to Thai models in the most exclusive beach clubs on the island, you have countless options to choose from to meet single girls.

And there are a lot of different types of girls you can meet in Phuket too.

For those who aren’t familiar with girls in Phuket, let us show you where you get the highest chance to meet girls tonight.


Three sexy Thai girl enjoying a party at Sugar Nightclub in Phuket.

Phuket has incredible nightclubs that are packed with hot girls every single night.

You can meet glamorous girls at Sugar Club Phuket, the island’s best hip-hop club.

Or be surrounded by 50 shades of Thai, Asian, and Western girls at Illuzion.

Book a VIP now to get guaranteed to have the girls’ attention as you get to the club.

You can also hire Thai models from us and show up to the club already in the company of gorgeous Phuket girls.

How does that sound?

Strip Clubs

Two hot Thai dancer posing for a sexy photo at Suzy Wong strip club in Phuket.

If you don’t feel like making the first move, head to one of the best strip clubs in Phuket.

Places like The Harem Club in Bangla Road can have up to 100 sexy Thai girls each night.

For those who prefer European and Russian girls, head to Moulin Rouge.

It’s also on Bangla Road.

Go there for a drink, get a lapdance by the girl(s) you like, and take her (or them) out for more.

Gogo Bars

Hot Thai dancer with sexy outfit at Pink Paradise gogo bar in Phuket.

Strip clubs are where you’ll find the hottest bar girls in Phuket, but it’s also more expensive than regular bars.

That’s why gogo bars are super popular.

Gogo girls are not as hot as the girls in strip clubs but you’ll always find a couple of hot babes in each gogo.

Plus, they’re at least as sexy and can often be wilder and more fun than girls you’ll meet in other types of bars.

Head to Suzy Wong’s gogos in Patong for the hottest gogo girls in Phuket.

Beer Bars

Sexy Thai model drinking a cocktail at abar in Phuket.

Beer bars / girly bars are the cheapest and easiest way to meet girls in Phuket.

As soon as you hear girls screaming “Hello handsome!” as you walk down the road or the beach, you know you are near one.

The girls at beer bars are less attractive than the other types of bars or nightclubs we’ve listed above, but you can always get lucky and find a very attractive one every once in a while.

The Tiger Night Club in Bangla Road is a good place to start with over 20 beer bars under the same complex.

Try your luck there first.

Beach Clubs

Super sexy Thai girl enjoying their day at Yona beach club near Phuket.

To meet the most beautiful and expensive girls in Phuket, head to the best beach clubs on the island.

From Yona to Catch, all the way to Cafe Del Mar, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

But it can often be a hit or miss.

Follow the special events announced on their social media and you’re guaranteed to find yourself in the company of hundreds of girls in bikinis.

And contact us to book the best VIP table at the beach club you’re going to hit.

That’s the only way to be noticed by the most beautiful bikini models going out there.

Party Street And Areas

Beautiful and sexy Thai girls at Patong in Phuket.

On top of the venues listed above, there are a couple of streets and areas in Phuket where it’s super easy to meet girls.

Bangla Road in Patong is at the same the island’s red-light district, the biggest party street, and the best place to meet all types of girls.

Freelancers, hookers, bar girls, expats, tourists, regular Thai girls, and whatnot.

But Bangla is not the only option you have.

For more traditional Thai girls and Asian tourists, head to Phuket town instead.

Nightclubs like The Library Phuket are a hit there.

If expats and tourists are what you’re after, try areas like Rawai, Kamala, and Karon Beach.

Private Party

Two cute Thai girl eating on a yacht during a private party near Phuket.

The last option to meet Phuket’s hottest girls is to hire them for a private party.

We work with close to 100 beautiful Thai models in Phuket ready to spice up your event.

Whether it’s a private pool party, a yacht party, or a sexy party filled with erotic shows and games, we have girls for all types of occasions.

And if you’re not falling in love with the girls we have in Phuket, we’ll fly the hottest models from Bangkok to the island for your party.


How to meet Thai girls in Phuket?

To meet Thai girls in Phuket, head to the island’s best bars, nightclubs, and beach clubs, or contact Party Phuket to hire girls for your event.

What are the most popular dating apps to meet girls in Phuket?

The most popular dating apps to meet girls in Phuket are ThaiFriendly and Tinder.

Discover The Best Places In Phuket

After organizing hundreds of events and exploring every corner of the island, our team knows all the best spots in Phuket.

Read our other articles on Phuket to find more recommendations from us.

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